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The Dress

If there is anything remembered at a Wedding, it is how the Bride looked. There is that climactic moment when the music heightens, the mothers of the Bride and Groom stand, the doors rush open, and the stunning Bride in her white satin & lace gown enters the threshold. This cliché picture is just a reminder how important the Bride’s presence is to the wedding ceremony. Brides & professionals alike will agree that the top priority in choice and budget for the Bride is her dress. Looking beautiful is a must for women on their special day. As I often say to Brides, “Go all out- it’s your one shot to be a princess!” So what do you do when you need to find a wedding dress in Scranton PA?

Dress shopping can be a blast or it can be a nightmare. Prepare before you go and lose some false expectations. That’s why I am writing this article-to help prepare you for what to expect, list your other options, and offer some fun extras as well.

The best way to begin this happy shopping excursion is to tuck a little history in your sentimental belt. While I’m no history buff, I am fascinated with it and find it can add richer meaning to life when we understanding where a thing came from and why it has come to be what it is in today’s culture.

The wedding dress has been around for a long time. In Medieval times, blue was the chosen color of bridal attire and was the symbol of purity. The tradition of white wedding gowns started with Queen Victoria when she wore white satin & lace to her wedding ceremony in 1840. Godey’s Ladies book made significant impression on women’s choice of wedding dresses when women read that white is “the most fitting hue” and an “emblem” of purity and the “unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.”

The 1890s ushered in more hype about the wedding gown. With the opening of the ladies department store and the symbol of Queen Victoria on every Bride’s mind, fashionable dresses were the thing! That is, until WWI broke out. As wars often do, WWI had a significant affect on economy and women’s attire. Women opted for simpler, more practical pieces to wear. Than there’s the hallmark CoCo Channel that officially introduced the short dress in the 1920s. The style changed after the 1950s as dresses took on greater variety and diversity. In 1982 Lady Diana Spencer wore a fairytale full length Victorian gown for her wedding to Prince Charles. Her wedding has since rekindled the Victorian white wedding dress.

Style & Fit

Today there are many different styles to choose from. While some Brides have certain styles they gravitate towards based on taste or personality, it is recommended that brides remain open to trying on several varying styles. A bridal consultant & former employer of Sullum’s Bridal Boutique in Olyphant says that 60% of her brides choose a dress they never before thought would look good on them.So be open to see yourself model several different styles and remember to look for a fit tailored to your natural body that will accentuate your beauty. You want a dress that compliments you, not takes the attention away from you.

The styles I envisioned for my Celtic themed wedding were long, flowing sheer pieces with long, flowing sleeves. The One I actually brought home was an A-line off the shoulders full skirt with a lacey overlay. When I came out of the dressing room, my mother and sisters were all hushed and my two-year old nephew said, “wow!” and that is how I felt! Like I said, its your day to be a princess so choose the style and fit that best compliments you. Take a moment to review this Best Fit Indicator based on your shape & figure.

Some important considerations in Dress Style:

1.   Theme

It is not uncommon for a Bride to choose a theme for her wedding. Some themes I’ve seen on popular blogs:

2.   Venue

3.   Formality

Formality of the Wedding will definitely help determine the style of dress you would wear.

4.   Religion

Some religions require a certain style dress & some ministers might have stricter requirements of modesty for Brides.

5.   Customs

A person’s heritage, family or religious customs can certainly influence bridal attire.

6.   Season

The season of the Wedding day can affect what style of dress a Bride will choose.

7.   Time of Day

Whether the Bride will be marrying early afternoon or evening will influence the style of the dress as well.




A compilation of tips & advice from websites, brides, & bridal consultants:

1. Get there early for best service

2. Start with the best silhouette for your body- the key is asking, which style best flatters my body?

3. Take photographs of you in the dresses you are trying on but a lot of places will not allow you to bring a camera into the shop. You can always do what I did for my sister-in-law and sneak the camera in your purse and take the picture in the dressing room!

4. Don’t feel pressured to bring every girlfriend with you. Just take the girls you are comfortable with or go alone.

6. Wear a well-fitted bra, preferably a newer one. This will help

7. Be prepared to try on bridal gowns that are running 2-3 sizes larger. This is to make it easier to fit everyone’s sizes. Alterations are expected and most shops alter right there though some brides opt to find their own seamstress to alter their dress.

8. Be aware that all wedding dress sales are final so take your time in deciding.

9. Ask yourself: do I feel beautiful, confident, comfortable?

10. Sit down, dance, swirl, bend over in your dress to get the feel of the dress’s fit.

11. Relax & enjoy

12. Try on accessories as this “completes the picture”.

13. Eliminate dress choices as you go so that at the end of your dress shopping experience, you will not be overwhelmed by too many choices.

14. Allow the dress once chosen to dictate the veil and accessories that go with it. If it’s a busy dress, choose smaller and less bold accessories; simple dress- try bolder accessories.




Salons in the Scranton Area:


David’s Bridal is the largest bridal boutique and conveniently located at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre. They’ve been in service for years and hold many styles and dresses.

Sullums is a local bridal salon that offers an intimate atmosphere and some really unique styles.

For a newer shop right in Scranton check out Tunis Salon.

If you care to travel outside of Scranton, L’Fay just may be the salon for you!

Fogelsville isn’t as far away as you think (about 11/2 hours from Scranton) & the salon offers some unique European styles and great service.

A little farther away is Bridal Town a bridal factory in Collegetown (Philly) so expect to find some good deals!

You could always try on dresses locally and discover the style/design of the dress you are looking for but order your dress online.

This site offers some gorgeous dresses at a low cost:

Art Wedding

House of Brides

OR you could make your own wedding dress (if you are that into a DIY Wedding) or have it made. Try