Scranton Country Club Wedding | Christine & Brett

Scranton Country Club Wedding

Christine & Brett


So I am sitting here at my desk thinking about this past Saturday and the wedding that happened. It was an interesting day and I won’t lie it started out a bit stressful. As soon as I arrived at the Colonnade in Scranton and got out of my truck I noticed my truck tire had ran over a nail. Not a good way to start the day…

As I walked in the front door and looked at my phone I noticed a tornado warning that was going to hit down right around the time of the ceremony.

Normally, things like this stress out a photographer and the weather always stresses out a bride.  Christine however was as calm as any of bride I have worked with this year. We briefly talked about a plan for the weather and the day went on as planned. Christine and Brett also got lucky that day because as the storm passed all I can say is one of the more beautiful things I have ever seen appeared in the sky.

You will have to scroll down to get a see it.

Bad weather turned into one of natures most beautiful things and their wedding was one of the more memorable weddings I have shot this year.

Their reception was held and hosted by the great staff at the Scranton Country Club in Scranton. It’s literally about 5 miles from my house so I was really loving working so close to home that evening.

I will remember this wedding for years to come


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If anyone was in Clarks Summit this past saturday to see the sunset you will remember this in the sky.

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