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The way I view blessings

Today on our family blog I feel like sharing the way I see blessings.  Well, that’s hard because I look around and SO much of my life is blessed.  My loud, somewhat crazy, precious family, our messy but lived-in home, my job of running a photography business, our health and so much more.

I reflected on all that we are thankful for this past month. These couple of months are a real test in juggling although it is not wedding season I have so much to do to prepare for another year of photography.

The days we had over the holidays were wonderful. I spent time with my wife and son and both of our extended families. All these things were blessings that I am grateful for.

Today I had to take the day off of work to get a biopsy on my throat. Hopefully, nothing serious and it was nothing to worry about, but it was a scary experience. I don’t deal well with hospitals and having needles stuck in my body is not something I enjoy. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have it removed with radiation. A few months ago after finding out about my son and his thyroid condition, I thought it would be a good idea to be a good example for him to see his father take his condition seriously and get regular checkups. I am a fairly young guy so I have put off a few doctor’s appointments over the years because you know we all live forever. At my last appointment they found a few cysts on my thyroid gland which turned out to be nothing to worry about, but at first it scared me half to death.

On to blessings:

Most people don’t know this, but I use to be in full time ministry. At one point in time in my life I considered going to seminary to be a pastor. It ended up not being my true calling and somewhere God made it clear to me that I was going to run Darkershadesofbrown Photography and travel all over the place photographing weddings, spending evenings with families in their homes capturing them as they are. I sit back today and look at my life and my family and I count the blessings God has given me. I literally have one of the most beautiful and sweet boys a person could ever hope for and a wife who has stood by my side through all my craziness for almost 10 years.

I live a life I would have never imagined 12 years ago and being a Scranton lifestyle photographer is the best job in the world.

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Scranton Lifestyle Photographer

Family Pictures Scranton PA | Personal Blog

Family Pictures Scranton PA

Personal Blog


People often ask me why I don’t work on Sunday. Part of that answer is because even a photographer needs a day off and the other is because that’s when I take pictures of my family. Here are a few quick frames from this past Sunday that I took at the playground next to our home.

I love these photos because they really do reflect who my family is. I took them with my point and shoot camera that I carry with me every day.

I always like to have a small camera handy with me at all times. You never know when you are going to need it and I seem to need it all the times these days. Indiana and Janet have very similar personalities. They both love people and they both love to smile. I really am not joking when I say that it is difficult for this introvert to live with two extroverts. It certainly never allows for any dull moments in our home.






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Family Pictures Scranton PA

Scranton Baby Photographer |13 Months

Scranton Baby Photographer |13 Months


Back before I had Indie I use to get annoyed with people posting pictures of their kids on every blog, website and facebook account on the planet….

Before I had Indie….

These days I think my son is a bit of a celebrity or at least it feels like it. Everywhere I go and every one of my clients is always commenting about how much they enjoy seeing pictures of him. Trust me on this one, once you become a parent there are not enough pictures of your kids that would make you think enough is enough.

Indie is 13 months these days. He’s a little tiny guy only weighing a little over 16lbs. He is pretty much the size of a normal 6 month old, but he has the personality to make up for it. This kid never stops smiling and lives his life with a smile on his face. I feel embarrassed to say it, but he is probably the easiest kid I have ever photographed.  Some of that may be because he is my son, but I took about 75 pictures yesterday and he was smiling in about 60 of them.

So today Indie Ridge Lanton makes another appearance on my blog.

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