• Hey, I'm Daniel. I'm the one behind the camera here at Darkershadesofbrown Photography



That's a great idea, but sit tight: Let's break the ice a little

About Scranton Senior Portraits Darkershadesofbrown

I’m a seasoned and award-winning wedding photographer who lives in NEPA — a passionate photographer with a desire to turn every wedding I photograph into pieces of art. O.k. So I didn’t figure out what to write about myself as it appears like I would be praising myself for reasons unknown. Photography is my calling, my profession, and also the thing that will definitely drive me crazy someday. I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way that they cause me to feel. Admittedly, it’s somewhat of a strange concept. But it’s honest – and it’s the simplest way to describe my process of the craft. I wrestle with each and every image I shoot. I assume perfection is attainable and I wish to wring it out of each and every picture. If that’s all that you ever understand about me, it’s enough to mention you understand me well.



























I make wedding images (Pretty awesome, amiritte??)

Ugly wedding pictures make the baby Jesus cry. I make beautiful wedding images for couples who are looking for something a little different from their wedding photographer. I really love working with creative brides–because let’s face it we’re pretty cool people.

“I’m kinda like Don Draper, with fewer sex scandals and slightly less in-house scotch drinking”



























I wasn't your parents wedding photographer

Gather round, kids, and let’s talk about the good old days when we had to use film cameras to photograph a wedding. Like, not because we were hipsters, but because that is how stuff got done. And then we had to walk to the darkroom barefoot, uphill, both ways to get the images developed.

“Moving those 300 pixels to the left since 2005″



























I photograph weddings, but my name is not Uncle Bob

I photograph mostly weddings, but also some other things like people and places and random strangers on street corners. Before I was a wedding photographer I did street work which is where the name Darkershadesofbrown came from. Long story, but entertaining, so ask if we ever get the chance to meet each other.

I have this small hobby filming my family with a $75 waterproof video camera and showing them to grandma and grandpa

What I do in my spare time


























Random facts about me

  • I was raised multiculturally and I am 1 of 47 foster children my parents adopted. (Don’t let the pale skin fool you)

  • Apart from photography, my other job is being a magician for our two yr old son who I named after Indiana Jones.

  • Even today I still buy music on records. Although, I won’t be honest about it, I am probably a hipster.

  • I’ve been told I’ve got a sweet tooth for chocolate much like a girl’s

  • My fascination with steak will not ever allow me the chance to be a vegetarian.

  • I have over 3500 friends on Facebook and people tell me they couldn’t live without my daily updates. You can read my ramblings {HERE}

  • While my lovely wife was watching the Oscars a few days ago, I mastered the drum fill following the bridge in Don’t You (forget about me).

  • Season 6 of Buffy is my personal favorite. Just what does this say about me? Probably far too much.

  • I’ve got dreams during which I criticise someone else’s archery technique, but I’ve never even held one of those weapons.

  • This morning I’d been practicing working with audio software by developing an artificial podcast about the tv show Firefly.

  • I think the best thing about me is that I don’t know kung fu, but my ninja photoshop skills are pretty impressive.

It's been real

Want to say hello? There are a few ways to get in touch with me: If you’re a bride in need of a wedding photographer, give me a shout via our contact page {HERE}

If you want me to take pictures for you (especially if you are awesome), give me a shout via {HERE}

You can also shoot an email to Dlanton@darkershadesofbrown.com if you want.

I’m not a good tweeter (twitter? twit?), but you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And, if you’re in Scranton, you can just try yelling really loud.